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Pressure Washing Services

Read more about the areas of your property we can help keep clean and beautiful.

Pressure washing services can help keep your home and property beautiful. Using high powered water we are able to blast away the pesky dirt, pollen and mold that builds up on your home, driveways, walkways and fences.

Let’s admit it – we all like watching as a concrete patio turns from black to almost brand new in seconds. It’s almost magic. Relaxing on a clean patio is a great feeling, when all your patio furniture is sparkling clean on a molding patio or deck, it’s just not the same.

Our power washing team can handle cleaning:

We Use The Best Equipment

Using brands like Rotovac and others we are able to drastically change the outward appearance of your home, driveway, walkways or property. If the cleaning job involves mold we may bring out some heated water to blast away and make sure everything is sanitized. Some materials require light pressure like vinyl siding, it’s important we are not putting cracks or holes in the siding – or if you just got your house painted in Charlotte – we don’t want to chip and ruin it. Other materials like concrete or wood can handle higher pressure and can blast away the dirt that gets embedded in the cracks.

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